About Me

It’s hard to give a short headline to my varied and unique skill set. Most people chose either to be creative or technically proficient, but I chose both. I believe this makes me uniquely suited to thriving in new media and technology, in fact, it’s the only place I could possibly fit in. As one of only 3 staff at my current firm, I am involved in every step of the design process, from meeting with clients, to mocking up wireframes to developing the site, all the way through to site migration and training. As an integrated marketer, I get the rewarding responsibility of making sure the projects we launch are successful. I have been actively designing for corporate, non-profit, and public agencies for over 8 years. I have experience in way too many things to list here, so please check out my social media profiles, or better yet, call me! I promise not to talk about my dog the entire time.