5 Amazon Dash Button\’s I\’d Actually Use

Amazon has recently been pushing their Amazon Dash buttons to prime members on the home page of the site and in targeted emails. A connected IoT device, these buttons stick to surfaces in your house, and you can press them to order products you might need from Amazon.

The technology and the effort to promote the buttons has been mostly criticized. Amazon made the buttons proprietary, and the product selection is narrow. Despite all of this, Amazon expects to have 15-20 million prime members using these buttons within 3 years. Not only are these buttons revenue generating devices for amazon, but a source of valuable data as well.

Personally, I would love to have some Amazon Dash buttons… but their selection is too limited for me. In order for a Amazon Dash button to fit into my life, it has to be for a product I use, that I know 2-3 days ahead of time I’m running out of (or something I can wait 2-3 days for), and that Amazon has a competitive price for. Contrary to Amazon’s belief, I’m not flouncing around my apartment in domestic bliss using rolls upon rolls of paper towels and 10 million diapers, so what am I using regularly?

Based on those criteria, here are 5 Amazon Dash buttons I’d actually use:



  1. HP Printer Ink and Paper

Oh yes, this would be perfect! Though my printer has an option to reorder ink and paper, I find the software that does so to be too cumbersome to have it installed on my computer. Rather than slow my computer down and trust my ink decisions to an automated service, I’d like to simply press a button when I’m ready for more ink and paper.


  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo

So I’m going to assume if you’re reading my blog that you know I work full time, run a business, maintain a household, and am in grad school. So sometimes, showers don’t happen in favor of that extra 45 minutes of sleep. Batista Dry Shampoo is how I manage to look like a normal human being – even when I’m doing work for 5. When I’m out of this stuff, it’s a serious meltdown, but I can definitely tell when each can is about to be empty, plenty of time to hit my handy dash button and ensure I’ll smell and look ~amazing~.


  1. Goody Ouchless Hair Ties

Guys, I cannot tell you how bad I need this dash button. Whatever you call them – hair bands, scrunchies, or hair ties – aren’t you ALWAYS running out of them? Where do they go? My husband and I both have shoulder length hair, so it’s almost like we need these in bulk. How convenient would it be when you’re down to your last one that you’re guarding with your life, you press your handy dash button, and know you’ll be safe in just a few days.


  1. Black Fleece Lined Leggings

I joined the “leggings as pants” camp about 2 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Working from home, these are my uniform. However, I never really want to invest a lot in them, so they pill, they get holes, and they ultimately get worn out. This happens more often than you’d think, and so I find myself stocking up when I see leggings on sale. Imaging a press of a button delivering me leggings instead of frantically searching for a pair when one wears out – that would almost save me enough time to explore wearing real pants! Not really… but it would be nice!


  1. Lamarca Prosecco

This list would not be complete without wine, right? Or more specifically, Lamarca Prosecco. A glass a day keeps the stress away, but it also means I’m constantly running to the store if I’m out! I’d like to just press and forget when I’m down to half a bottle or so.


So Amazon, are you listening? Make it happen!